Outrageously Rare, Only 2 Sets Ever Made (this prototype set and an 001 set)

Summary: great opportunity? Yeah, I'd say so. All 12 "prototype" stamped knives with tags written by Marilyn, all with perfect elephant ivory handles. Two sets of six knives (small and large), the blade grinds of the small match the blade grinds of the large.

The late Tom Clinton special ordered these knives from Jimmy, two sets in all. Tom furnished Jimmy with the ivory, Jimmy did his "thing" and the rest is history. Tom never bothered with sheaths, I have carry cases for each and every knife. (12)

These have never been messed with or resharpened, except for some tarnish on the bolsters they all look exactly the way they did when they left the Lile shop.

17 photos total, check them out. I could go on and on about the rarity of this set, stuff like this just NEVER pops up for sale. The 001 set sold quite some time ago, here's your chance to grab the prototypes. Thanks and good luck.