Summary: well documented on pages 114 and 115 in the book, "James B. Lile - The Arkansas Knifesmith", this set is considered to be one of the most valuable and prestigious of any of the Jimmy Lile Commemoratives offered for sale. They were 5 years in the planning and making -- deliveries began in 1976.

The Bicentennial sets consisted of two knives; a Classic English Style 6" Bowie and an Arkansas Toothpick, both 10-1/2" long and with engraved, coffin-shaped ivory handles. Each knife had a 6", hand-rubbed satin finish D2 steel blade with nickel silver guards. Jimmy selected two of his favorite thought provoking statements, which were scrimshawed on the handles.

The first issue included 76 sets, with the first 13 bearing the names of the original colonies and their representatives. This is set #07 of 76, the butts of each piece engraved "Rhode Island".

Condition: neither piece has been used, these have been tucked away in collections since they were made. Original blade edges, you'll find light handling marks / tarnish on the bolsters and butts. (will easily buff away) The pinned ivory scales with checks at the pins, very common. (see photos)

8 photos for review – each will be shipped in its own carry case. This is a very rare set, many have been broken up and I can't remember ever seeing any pieces (sets or individual knives) with a lower serial number. Thanks and good luck.