Summary: so the first question I had on this knife... how the hell do I price something like this? It’s damn near 50 years old, was made very early in Jimmy’s career, is authenticated in a tag handwritten by Marilyn Lile (Miller), has never been used... and I’ve never seen another like it. Answer: who knows!

This is one of those “what you see is what you get” knives. That said, if you’re a Lile collector: the more you look the more you’ll probably want it. The knife is totally legit and comes with Marilyn’s original tag, the earliest of script signatures and the date made both on the blade.

The blade is 6-1/4” tip to guard with a false upper edge, made from 3/16” stock with a tapering tang. The black micarta scales are held in place with the old Loveless-style two piece pins, back end lined for a lanyard. The knife has never been used, it’s simply been tucked away and fondled. (sometimes often) Aside from some tarnish / patina on the hilt and pins... perfectomundo!

The knife was in Tom Clinton’s collection for years before I acquired it and never had a sheath with it. I had some extra SOG sheaths that were made when Tom had Jimmy make his run of 100 SOG’s, this knife fit perfectly in one and so I married them together. Long story short: while not the original sheath, this knife paired with the black SOG sheath is one bad-ass looking combination. The sheath has Jimmy’s shop stamp on the back and an unused stone in the front pouch, condition is excellent with nothing but a few scuffs on the back side.

8 photos for review – as shown, a new black canvas carry case is included. I’ll stop here and refer you to the photos, to reference the above “how do I price something like this”... well, I’m basically pricing it at what I’d be willing to pay for it. Seems fair to me – thanks and good luck.