Summary: this Jimmy Lile "New Orleans" Dagger was a special order "1-only". The original purchaser sent in a self portrait and the late James Stewart engraved it on the blade*. The hilt, spacer and butt cap are 14k gold and accentuate a flawless fluted ivory handle.

*Stewart signed his work just to the left of "NEW ORLEANS" on the blade

Custom sheath with ruby made and engraved by Julie & Buster Warenski. As to be expected, the knife / sheath fit is perfect.

Condition: very light tarnish on the sheath, the dagger itself is perfect. Near mint to mint overall.

5 photos for review – if you need more I'll be happy to take them. This is an amazing piece, way ahead of it's time with respect to other Lile knives made in the era. I've never seen anything from the Lile shop quite like it, and believe me... I've seen plenty. If you're looking for a museum quality Lile knife for your collection, this one will more than adequately fill the slot. Carry case included, of course. Thanks and good luck.