Summary: looking for an awesome Lile knife with a certified story? This is one for the books, check out the C.O.A.

This 1973 knife was originally made as a Big 7 but had the tip break off due to a flaw in the steel. Jimmy liked the knife and wouldn’t toss it so he reground the blade in to this semi-skinner grind. On consignment from the original owner, this one’s only seen the light of day on a few occasions. The 3-3/8” blade script-signed “Hand Made by James B. Lile”, overall length is 8”. Overall excellent condition with gorgeous stag slabs, the brass has a patina too beautiful to clean away. Just a few light marks on the blade... no big deal.

The original, unmarked ambidextrous sheath accompanies the knife as is worth close to a couple of hundred all by itself! Never on a belt, amazing shape... looks brand new but for a couple of light scuffs.

9 photos for review – as shown, a black canvas case and the original C.O.A. go with the knife. This is a beauty you’ll want to take out and use, it’s the perfect size for everyday carry. That said... fight the temptation and tuck the knife away, it’ll be worth a boatload more a few years down the road. Thanks and good luck.