Summary: admittedly, I knew nothing about this particular Council Oaks Bowie knife before reading about it in the Lile book. This much I know: it's rare and only 25 of these were made. Apparently the knives were numbered 1 of 25, 2 of 25, 3 of 25, etc. This is the 1 of 25 knife.... the first one made.

This very rare knife has never been used or resharpened, easily excellent+++ or better condition with nothing but the lightest handling marks on the bolsters and butt.

6 photos for review – no sheaths were issued with these knives, so I'll pack the knife in a new carry case for shipping. I'd bet the farm you haven't seen one of these, this is an embellished commemorative that few know about. The color etching is gorgeous, one of these should be in the Arkansas State Museum. Thanks and good luck.

From page 122 in the Lile book:

"Twenty-five pieces were designed and made in 1976 to commemorate the "Toc Chee" Indian treaty signed on the banks of the Arkansas River at a place called Council Oaks. The knives were acid-etched on both sides, with one side depicting Council Oaks and the other illustrating the Dardanelle Dam over the river. Gold-leaf etching was incorporated in the scenes. The blade is 5-1/2", with an overall length of 9-3/4". Jimmy had 5 knives modified to feature the Dardanelle Clinic, and he presented each knife to the five doctors at the clinic. The knives did not have sheaths. The etching was done by Tim Wright in 1977."