Note: subtract $250 if you want to display the knife and do not need the sheath, or have no interest in the sheath.

Summary: from the collection of the late Tom Clinton comes one of Jimmy’s own pieces.... this gorgeous no dot Bowie knife with 9” satin finish blade, nickel guard, and pinned Mastodon scales with engraved escutcheon plate. The escutcheon reads: “JAMES B. LILE... HIS KNIFE”. Made from 1/4” stock with a false upper edge, I’m not entirely sure what material the escutcheon plate is made of. The overall length of this knife is a hair under 13-3/4”. The knife has never been used and has the original edge, overall near mint condition with just a few light wipe / handling marks on the nickel hilt.

The knife was paired up with the Buffaloe First Blood sheath shown in the photos, no clue if it’s original to the knife or if Tom paired it to the knife before I purchased his collection. It was with the knife when I bought it, so it’s the sheath sold with the knife unless a different arrangement is made. (see note above) The sheath is a no-hone left side carry First Blood sheath, it fits this 9” Bowie perfectly.

8 photos for review – with or without the sheath, I’ll ship the knife in a new black canvas carry case. This is nothing short of a 1-Off, what better knife than Jimmy’s own to have on display in your knife collection. Thanks and good luck.