Jimmy Lile First Blood Knife: 1 of 1
9" Damascus Blade w/ Split Sawteeth
“LILE” Front Side
“1 of 1” Back Side
Back Side Blade Etching
“Made Especially For
Jimmy and Marilyn Lile
Christmas 1983”
Double Guard w/ Screwdriver Tips
Green Cord Wrap Hollow Handle
Flat Butt Cap w/ Compass
No Sheath
Maxpedition Carry Case
Notarized & Signed Certificate of Authenticity

Summary: Jimmy Lile 1 of 1 First Blood with Damascus blade. Beyond rare and considered by many to be one of Jimmy’s Holy Grail knives, mentioned on pages 267 and 328 in the book “James B. Lile – The Arkansas Knifesmith”.

This knife has been tucked away in the same collection since original purchase, original owner a long time and dear friend of the Lile’s.

Condition: unused with original edges / mint condition.

12 photos for review – I’ll ship the knife in a new Maxpedition carry case. The Certificate of Authenticity is of course included, notarized and signed by Marilyn. I won’t go in to the rarity of such a knife, the 1 of 1 Damascus First Blood on the open market is unimaginable. I also have the 1 of 1 Damascus “Rambo – The Mission” on consignment, buyer of this knife has first opportunity / right of refusal to buy it. Thanks and good luck.