Summary: this is a Lile Fighting / Combat Knife made in 1971-72. The blade is 7" long and script signed -- the upper clip is sharpened back approx. 3-1/4". The knife is fitted with a double brass hilt, brass pins and stag slabs. As far as Lile fighters go, this is an absolutely primo example. It's one of the earliest you'll find, is accompanied by the original hand-written tag, and is in near mint condition with nothing but very light patina on the brass hardware.

The knife is paired with it's original sheath made by John Lamb. The tag attached to the butt end of the knife was written by Marilyn Lile and reads, "1971-72 7" combat w/stag & brass. Old style rivets and made by JBL. John Lamb sheath."

5 photos for review – I'll pack / ship the knife in a brand new canvas carry case. This knife was part of the late Tom Clinton's collection, it will be near impossible to find an earlier stag handled example of this model in better condition. Truly a rarity, a perfect knife to tuck away for collection / investment purposes. Thanks and good luck.