Summary: the photos tell the story with this one, what more can words say? Ben Shostle was very well known throughout the knife and gun world, he passed away back in 2006. A quick Google search with his name could very well keep you in your seat for hours on end, the work he did on guns and knives is artistry at it's best.

This particular knife was born a small Lile Bowie knife with pinned ivory scales, rare in its own right. The knife has a 6" blade, overall length is a hair under 10". The ivory is still near perfect, just a hairline check near one of the pins. The knife was sent to Ben Shostle for engraving, the rest is history.

17 photos for review – many close up shots so you can see the coverage and detail. I'm not sure who made the custom green felt lined wood display box, but it was obviously made for the knife. This one's rare as rare gets, it's your lucky day if you're a collector of Shostle embellished knives and guns. Check it out... thanks and good luck.