Summary: This is an ultra rare, elegant, and drop dead gorgeous Lile Hatchet / Bowie Set #1. Jimmy made a total of three of these combinations, I sold the #2 set quite some time ago. I've no clue where the #3 set went, as far as I know this is the first set ever available for sale on the open market.

Both pieces script signed "Hand Made by James B. Lile" with the serial number below.

The interframe handles are inlaid with walnut, turquoise and elephant ivory, just f-ing gorgeous. The Bowie is 11-1/2" OAL and the Hatchet is 11" OAL. I was told that these knives were a royal pain in the ass to make -- no doubt the reason Jimmy called it quits after finishing up the third pair.

Condition of both pieces: unused, excellent+++ or better. There is some checking in the ivory on both pieces, all rather common for this type of material. Light handling throughout, mostly just very light fonding marks.

7 photos for review – no sheaths were ever made for these, so I'll include a new carry case with each piece. Jimmy's hatchets have always fetched top dollar, a custom two piece interframe set like this is simply over the top. Thanks and good luck.