Summary: out of the late Tom Clinton’s vast collection of unique Lile knives, this oddball hunter / skinner has a 6” blade with deep choil, brass guard, black micarta handle, and brass butt cap. Check out the experimental script on this one... I’ve never seen anything like it and bet you haven’t, either.

The blade is perfect, unused with original edge. Light tarnish on the brass furniture, there’s even a bit of sticker residue on the butt cap from a button sticker Tom put on this one for inventory purposes. Right as rain, authenticity guaranteed! The handle looks to be polished black micarta, no grain in it so I don’t think it’s wood of any kind. A few light handling marks at worst, this knife is easily a 9 on a scale of 1 to 10.

6 photos for review – no sheath ever accompanied this knife but it does come with a black canvas carry case for storage. This is definitely a 1-off Lile knife, a two owner knife (the late Tom Clinton and myself) perfect for collection / investment purposes. Check it out... it’s f-ing awesome! Thanks and good luck.