Lile "Rambo – The Mission" Survival Knife
10" Bead Blasted Blade / NO DOT
Guard w/ Screwdriver Tips
Hollow Handle with Black Cord Wrap
Butt Cap w/ Extra Compass
Black Johnson Sheath w/ EZ Lap
Black Canvas Carry Case

Summary: this is an original "Rambo – The Mission" movie knife made by Jimmy Lile. It's not one of the numbered knives, if it were the price would be much higher! This knife is in solid used condition, looks to have been resharpened on the upper edge. The knife is relatively clean for one that’s been used, you’ll find light scratches / scuffs on the blade from use... no major surprises. The original compass if “off bubble” and not functioning properly, I’ve included an extra so you have one for a swap out. Easy fix, out with the old and in with the new!

The black Johnson sheath is legit / accurate and I'm sure original to the knife. No safe Queen for sure, this one’s been carried. Correct Johnson stamp on the back belt loop, someone also carved “II” on the front of the belt loop. “06-26-85 James B. Lile” on the back of the sheath, no authenticity offered as I do not know who did it. There is an EZ Lap sharpener in the front holder, will look great once it’s cleaned up.

12 photos for review – as shown, a new black canvas carry case is included. This will be a great knife for the collector who is looking for a "no dot" bead blasted "Rambo – The Mission" to take out and use, priced literally hundreds of dollars below what an unused one would cost you. Tough to find in any condition, this is a great buy under $1500. Thanks and good luck.