Summary: a rarely seen early model 10 made by Jimmy way back in the 1969-1970 era. The blade on this knife is 6-3/4”, overall length of the knife is 11-3/8”. Script signed “Hand Made by James B. Lile”, the blade is simply perfect with original edge. Jimmy fitted the the knife with brass hardware (guard and butt cap) and a commando shaped dark micarta handle. Guard and butt cap are near perfect, this is as close to mint as you’re going to find.

The original sheath still with the knife, made by John Lamb. Hang tang written by Marilyn and reads, “#10, John Lamb Sheath, 1969-1970”. The sheath is in excellent condition with light knife storage and handling marks, a stain on the back and “10” written in ink on the back belt loop.

7 photos for review – as shown, a new back canvas carry case is included. It’s been years and years since I’ve seen another model 10 surface for sale, could be at least that long until another comes up on the market. Long story short: if you’re missing this model in your Lile collection, bag it and tag it and make it your own. This is a gorgeous small Bowie perfect for collection purposes surely to appreciate in value, you won’t find one in better condition. Thanks and good luck.