Summary: a great deal on this script signed Lile "New Orleans" Bowie with very rare stone pocket belt sheath. The 8-1/4" blade script signed "Hand Made by James B. Lile" on the front, back side with script that reads "Charles B. Morgan, U.S.M.C." with original owners SSN. I did a quick search of the SSN on the internet, Charles Morgan was born in 1943 and passed away in 2007. (RIP)

The blade with original edge, it does not appear that the knife was ever used. That said, there are marks on both sides of the blade, some clouding in the finish that does not show up in the photos but would probably buff away if the knife were refurbished by someone who knows what the **** he's doing. Having said that, it's a great knife with original owner provenance... I just wouldn't mess with it. (just my .02 cents worth) This Bowie has a brass guard and butt cap, 6 pins hold the black micarta scales in place. The knife was made from 1/4" stock, the overall length is 12-5/8". You'll find light handling marks on the brass hardware, the micarta scales are pretty much perfect.

The sheath is original to the knife and marked "NOB w/s" on the back. (New Orleans Bowie, white stone?) I'm guessing at the white stone part, not completely sure but it makes sense. The sheath is quite rare, very few knives were made with this stone pocket-type belt sheath. Condition is excellent, just some light scuffs front and back with darkness at the throat from past knife storage.

9 photos for review – as shown, a new black canvas carry case is included. This is the knife to buy if you're a collector who has an "in" with a maker who can rework the blade, it won't be original but it'll be worth a hell of a lot more than my asking price. Still very inexpensive "as is" with the existing blade condition, and I can't remember ever seeing another Lile Bowie with a stone pouch belt sheath.
Thanks and good luck.