Lile Paring or Utility Knife Script Signed "Lile"
3-1/8" Blade -- 7-1/4" Overall Length
Small Brass Hilt
Hand Carved Brown Micarta Handle
Original Unmarked Belt Sheath
Green Canvas & Cape Buffalo Hide Case

Summary: a very early unused Jimmy Lile paring / utility knife with the single line / single word "Lile" script signature. The knife probably dates to the late 60's, very early in Jimmy's career. The blade is 3-1/8" long -- overall length of the knife is 7-1/8". The blade has a carbon spot to the right of the 'Lile' script -- that's about all I could find worth mentioning. The vintage brown micarta handle was obviously hand-carved by Jimmy -- a personal touch and looks great. The knife is paired to the original belt sheath -- unmarked and I'm not sure who made it. (maybe John Lamb) A couple of scuffs and one dark spot on the back, no big deal.

7 photos for review -- as shown, a new green canvas and Cape Buffalo hide carry case is included. There can't be many of these floating around with the early script and carved brown micarta handle -- this was from the collection of the late Tom Clinton and no doublt rare as hell. Thanks and good luck.