Summary: this is a Lile "Companion Pair" consisting of a Regular #7 & Model #8. The Regular 7 has a nickel silver hilt, stag slabs and nickel pins -- the Model 8 has a brass hilt, stag slabs and brass pins. The butt end of both handles are drilled and lined for lanyard attachment. The blades are both stamped LILE -- both pieces are unused with original edges.

The side-by-side double pouch sheath (Jimmy's own design) was made by John Lamb.

6 photos for review – I'll included carry cases for both pieces. This is a great stag set and tandem sheath, compare it to the wood handled set on ebay at $2000... this is a deal. It's really hard to find both knives AND the tandem sheath all together, most of the sets have been busted up at some point. Great for long term collection / investment purposes, it'd be an awesome set to use in the field. Thanks and good luck.