Summary: in advance, I know several collectors have emailed me in the last year or so looking for a no dot Lile straight hunter. Well, here you go: this one is simply amazing... drop dead gorgeous and handled with flawless Elephant ivory scales.

The knife is in near mint condition with nothing more than light patina on the brass guard and pins. The blade is perfect, the blade edge original and not resharpened. Just buy it for goodness sakes, it's a beautiful knife.

The knife is paired with it's original belt sheath that was custom ordered and made by Randy Raines way back in the day. The small hang tang written by Marilyn still attached, as written this knife was made in 1984. This sheath has been stored properly, near mint condition with nothing but the lightest handling marks.

8 photos for review – as shown, an old style black carry case is included. This is a great knife -- I don't see a ton of Lile straight hunters come up at all, and this is the first I've sold in a loooong time with this handle material. 30+ years old and as pretty as the day it left the shop, seriously. Thanks and good luck.