Jimmy Lile Sly II
Post Death w/ Dot
9" Blade w/ Sawteeth
Lugged SS Guard
Green Cord Wrapped Hollow Handle
(wrap with a few abrasions)
Aluminum Butt Cap + Compass
Original Sullivan Sheath
(w/o EZ Lap Sharpener)
Black Canvas Carry Case

Summary: Lile Knives Sly II, a knife made by the Lile shop after Jimmy passed away (dot) but before they closed up shop for good. This knife has a bead blasted 9" blade, lugged guard, green cord wrapped hollow handle, and aluminum skull crusher butt cap with working compass. The knife has not been used, appears to have the original edge. Nothing but a few light handling marks and a few areas of scuffing on the handle wrap, easily an 8.5 on a scale of 1 to 10.

The knife is paired with the original leather sheath also made by Sullivan, the main sheath supplier to Lile Knives after Jimmy passed away. The knife / sheath fit is perfect, the EZ Lap sharpener was MIA when I acquired the knife but they're readily available on the secondary market. The sheath is in excellent condition with original lanyard, just a few scuffs / handling marks on both sides.

10 photos for review – as shown, a black carry case and a couple of bonus items all included. Sly II's, either dot or no dot, are always nice to find in unused condition. The Lile shop closed many years ago, these Sly II's can only appreciate in value down the road. Great for survival outings or collection purposes, you just can't lose buying an unused Sly II! Thanks and good luck.