Summary: two extremely nice Lile semi-skinners with original sheaths. One walnut and one stag -- both knives are in unused / near mint condition with original edges. The walnut handled knife has a blade that is 3-3/8" long -- the stag handled knife with a blade that measures 3-1/2" long. Both knives have brass hilts, brass pins, and blades with early "Hand Made by James B. Lile" script signature.

The sheaths are both original to the knives, both fit the knives perfectly. Neither sheath has been carried or even on a belt, easily excellent condition or better with nothing but minor handling / storage marks.

7 photos for review – I'll include two new carry cases with the knives. Early Lile semi-skinners are really hard to find in unused condition, it's very rare to find a script-signed set like this with different handles in unused condition. Collection pieces all the way, a great set to tuck away for investment purposes. None better.... thanks and good luck.