Jimmy Lile Hatchet
"James B. Lile" Script
No. 1 / First Made
Soldered Brass Guard
Fingered Stag Handle
Brass Butt Cap w/ Thong Loop
No Sheath
Unused / Excellent Condition

Summary: this is the No. 1 Jimmy Lile Tomahawk, a museum piece and as early and old as you'll find. This piece is approximately 11" tall with a head approximately 6" across. The grind is different than the other Tomahawk's in my collection -- the butt end of the head on this one is more round and also sharpened on the upper edge. The right-hand fingered stag handle is really nice -- the brass butt cap has a little lanyard loop which is quite unique. (seen on Jimmy's earliest pieces)

The shaft has the early "James B. Lile" script signature -- "No. 1 8-5-70" engraved below it.

Condition is unused / excellent, there are a few handling marks here and there and some light scratches / carbon spots on the head and shaft.

Photographed with the Tomahawk is an original 1st Issue Lile Catalog, and a 5" x 7" portrait of Jimmy and Marilyn Lile. (catalog and photo not included)

9 photos for review – I'll do my best to find some type of carry case for shipping. You won't find an early Lile piece more suitable for collection / investment purposes, his tomahawks just never come up for sale and this is the first one he ever made. Thanks and good luck.