Summary: this is a previously owned but unused Lile large folding hunter, #399 with wood inserts. Engraved patent number on the back side button (round area), date year "80" stamped down inside. (made in 1980, 2nd year of production) The knife has not been resharpened and is probably 90% or better but for very light “freckling” aka light carbon spots on the LILE side of the blade that really don’t jump out at you unless you hold the knife in direct light. Can be buffed away, I just won’t mess with it or have anyone else do it as I’m not in the knife refurbishment business. Personally I wouldn’t mess with it… original is best!

5 photos for review – as shown, a gray suede folding knife sleeve is included. This is a good buy on a 1980 Lile Large FH, if it weren’t for the light freckling I’d be in the $2500 range. One of 5 Lile buttonlock’s in on consignment… don’t miss out. Thanks and good luck.