Summary: this is a brand new Mad Dog ATAK with LARGE JMD and black composite handle. (the large JMD's are typically reserved for custom or long-bladed knives) This knife has 7" hard chromed blade with super bright VVTL blade finish (custom finish, special order), Mad Dog etched signature on the ricasso, and large JMD trademark on the blade. Razor sharp and extremely versatile, 1/4" blade stock with a T1 choil. Overall length is 12", the knife is in mint condition.

The knife comes with two MD-issue kydex sheaths: one right-side carry black ATAK, and one thin / conceal carry slip sheath. Brand new / mint condition.

5 photos for review – as shown, one of the new Mad Dog embroidered carry cases is included. This is a great knife perfect for collection / investment purposes, a model used by elite servicemen worldwide. Our Navy Seals put these ATAK's to the test, the knife is ideal for EDC / hard use. If you're looking for a brand new ATAK, this one with the large JMD and super bright VVTL finish would be a great knife to buy. Thanks and good luck.