Summary: this is an early Mad Dog C-Series ATAK, last in the C-Series run with serial #C300. And if that’s not reason enough to buy it, consider the fact that it has been sealed in the original plastic since Mad Dog shipped the knife to the original owner. Photos 9 and 10 taken just after I opened it myself, I bet there’s not another like this out in collector-land. Condition is new and obviously unused. (again... I just opened it!)

The knife is paired with the original ATAK sheath, also numbered C300. Sheath is mint, looks brand new.

10 photos for review – as shown, a black Mad Dog Knives carry case, original plastic and note from MD all included. This is the last in the C-Series... virtually irreplaceable. Don’t miss out -- thanks and good luck.

From the maker & internet:

"200 C-Series knives were produced in 1994, #C100 - #C300. The C-Series were ordered by the US State Dept. for shipment to the US Embassy in Columbia where they were gifted to the Colombian Presidential Guard and some Colombian special forces operatives involved in narcotics interdiction and counter insurgency. Some were retained by US Embassy personnel. About half had black blades, the other half with standard hard chrome.”