Summary: this is a C-Series Mad Dog ATAK knife and original ATAK sheath. Mad Dog started the C-Series knives back in 1994, information on this particular model below as found on the internet. This particular knife has a 6-3/4" Starrett 496-01 blade (Kalgard over hard chrome) and signature Mad Dog composite handle. The knife has never been used, blade with the original edge Mad Dog put on it back in the 1990's. Excellent+++ or better original condition, just a few light rubs / kydex scuffs in the Kalgard finish on the blade and blade flats.

The sheath is original to the knife, sterile without markings and made this way for a reason. Everything looks pretty much new (rivets, belt strap, etc.), easily excellent+++ or better condition with just a few small scuffs / handling marks on the back side.

Bonus: multi-colored 550 paracord survival bracelets. Made in the USA, easy to use / wear / carry, and unraveled gives you just about 14 feet of lifesaving cord that will look great wrapped around your wrist until you need it.

8 photos for review – as shown, a new Mad Dog Knives carry case is included. A, B, C & Seal ATAK's are the cat's meow, great collector value and fantastic knives for investment purposes. Many of these have been beaten and abused, it's nice to offer one in unused condition at what is considered by most to be a very reasonable price on a numbered C-Series knife. Thanks and good luck.

Additional information on the C-Series ATAK knives:

Mad Dog "C Series" ATAK #C168 with ATAK Sheath. Approximately 200 "C Series" ATAKs were produced in 1994 starting at serial # C100- C300. About half of the C Series ATAK's had black blades (Kalgard over hard chrome) & the other half had standard chrome blades. Some of these knives had various special logos like the "Columbian Presidential Seal" & others were simply marked with "CXXX". Some C series ATAK serial numbers were hand engraved on the blade while others were marked on the spine.

Mad Dog quote: "The C series were ordered by the US State Dept. for shipment to the US Embassy in Colombia, where they were subsequently distributed to the Colombian Presidential Guard and some Colombian SF Operatives involved in narcotics interdiction and counterinsurgency. Evidently some few of them were retained by Embassy staffers there, a few of which have made it back to the States and subsequently into the aftermarket."