Summary: this is a Mad Dog Pygmy ATAK, made with a 4.9" blade with VVTL blade finish and small JMD logo. This one was made with the custom black & tan handle -- compression bonded to the hidden full tang and incredibly ergonomic. This is a very stout knife made from 1/4" blade stock – overall length is 9-1/2". Mint condition.

The knife comes with two MD issue kydex sheaths: belt & slip. Neither sheath has been carried, both in mint condition.

7 photos for review – as shown, a new embroidered Mad Dog carry case is included. This is the perfect piece for the guy who is looking for 1/4" blade stock Mad Dog for hard use, these Pygmy ATAK's can and will take an ass kicking. There's no better knife for EDC / concealed carry, do yourself a favor and put a Mad Dog on your hip! This one's awesome with the custom handle and VVTL blade finish with small JMD – thanks and good luck