Summary: a super rare Mad Dog "Rifleman" with an 10-3/4" Bright VVTL blade, Large JMD logo, T1 choil, and black composite handle. Made from 1/4" stock with a false clip (unsharpened), overall length is a whopping 15-7/8". The knife is brand new and in mint condition, it's a beauty and f-ing amazing!

The knife comes with the original ATAK sheath, also brand new and in mint condition.

8 photos for review – as shown, a new Mad Dog Knives carry case and card signed by Mad Dog both included. This is the first Rifleman I've owned or had for sale, these long-bladed Mad Dog's are truly impressive. Priced to sell and worth a good bit more than what I'm offering it for, you can't lose buying this custom knife. Perfect for collection / investment purposes... you're already hundreds of dollars ahead buying in at this price. Offer me less and I might just stab you with it, just sayin'. Thanks and good luck.