Summary: it’s that time of year again and the elves came out of the woodwork to complete the annual SEAL ATAK editions. The amount of work that goes in to these ten knives is simply mind boggling, let’s all congratulate Mad Dog and Jake for getting these completed. They’re behind a year or two but now that they’re in a new shop they should be able to get caught up with 2019 and then 2020 after that. Seven of the ten 2018’s made have sold, numbers available are below and will update as they sell.

AVAILABLE: #002, 004 and 010

The 2018 SEAL’s have custom artwork and mirror polish finish. (photos of the #001 attached) All are file-worked, all come with two sheaths (ATAK & slip) and a Certificate of Authenticity.

Each SEAL ATAK comes with a Maxpedition carry case with either SEAL ATAK or JMD embroidery.

Layaway available so don’t miss out. Thanks and good luck.

ps. elves don’t exist, MD and Jake do ALL the work themselves.