Summary: these “Year of the Dog” knives with custom etching have been tied up in a collection since new. I’ve sold the others and have this #003 knife left. Super rare, I doubt most collectors have even seen this knife before as only 8 were ever made. This knife has an 8" Starrett blade, VVTL blade finish, type 1 choil and black composite handle. Blade stock is 1/4", the original ATAK sheath accompanies the knife. Both the knife and sheath are in mint condition.

Information about the knife concept:

Mad Dog was born in the year of the dog (1958) and 5 etched dogs in the circle represent the 5 Dog years of his life so far at the time of the knife's making. (1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006)

Year of the Dog knives were started in 2006. There may be more to the story, I have heard that there’s more to it than what is listed above.

8 photos of the #008 knife for review – for sale is the serial #003 knife. As shown, a new Maxpedition carry case is included. This is an awesome find and a low serial number... again, the last in the series that I have for sale. “Don’t miss out” is an understatement! Check out the great looking circular etching... thanks and good luck.