Summary: this is the prototype model SS Survival Skinner made by Vaughn Neeley. Vaughn is the founding father of Timberline Knives -- these Survival Skinners are everything you could ever want or need in a survival situation. The handle slabs are held in place with screws -- you'll find survival items stored on the underside of each micarta slab. The handle tool is stored on the Neeley handmade sheath next to the sparking flint -- someone with survival skills (like Vaughn, a former Green Beret) can have a fire burning in short order. All it takes is practice -- being a Green Beret is not a requirement!

7 photos for review – as shown, a green canvas carry case is included. This is the only prototype SS Vaughn made, I've owned it since it was made in August 2008. These are the best of the best, perfect for everyday carry, camping, backpacking, etc. Thanks and good luck.

Additional information:

Blade Length 3-3/4 inches • Overall Length 7-3/4 inches • Bead Blast Finish on Blade Flats, Polished Hollow Ground Bevel • Black Micarta Removeable Scales, (hollowed out and packed with compass, snare wire, leader, a royal coachman fly, hooks, sinkers, etc.) • 440 C Blade is 3/16" steel, with full tapered tang, hardened to 58-60 RC. Beautiful Hand made sheath. The top of the blade of this knife has a roughing saw for making ideal wood tinder and the sheath includes the handle access tool and a magnesium flint for fire starting. If you have never seen this demonstrated, I must tell you it is pretty impressive. Vaughn can take the knife out of the sheath, pick up a block of wood, scrape tinder and have a nice flame going in 15 seconds. Vaughn, who is a former Green Beret (1968-1971), says this is the only knife he would ever need in a survival situation.