Summary: from a very large collection of custom Marfione & Strider knives. This is an A. Marfione / G. Hawk custom "Axios", prototype #011. No signs of use or carry, easily near mint condition. (maybe a fingerprint or two)

Information on this model I found on the internet if you google "Marfione Hawk Axios", most anyone interested in the knife will already know what they're looking at. Awesome custom, very rare.

8 photos for review -- many more custom Marfione & Striders to follow. Feel free to email me through eBay for a list -- thanks and good luck.

From the internet:

"The back-spacer is a thick rubber strap that assists the knife when flipping, it also provides the proper tension to make the knife stay open or closed. It locks by being held in hand. Comes with a drawstring bag. This knife was originally from the 2014 TKI. This knife model will never be made again."

"The Axios is a custom collaboration between ourselves and Tony Marfione. We made 14 of them out of varying materials; including: carbon fiber, zirconium, titanium and iv***. The blade is ELMAX steel. Tony Marfione provided the screws, ground the bevels and finished the blades, all other parts were machined by us in house. This knife is based off of our Tangent design"