Summary: first things first... this is a $750 knife. These Crawford Featherweight Flippers with Ti scales are pretty much sold out everywhere, and they've sold for a shitload more money than I'm asking for.

The blade has the original edge, no signs of use. There are a few light marks on the titanium scales, some ruffing in the finish on the back spine from past carry. Other than that, you have a new knife at what is nearing half price.

8 photos for review – as shown, a new canvas carry case is included. Check photo 8 for the past carry marks, no big deal if you're planning on carrying it yourself. The Crawford website has a couple of these featherlight's for sale ... $750. Again, if you're looking at this for EDC... save yourself $300 bones and buy this one. Great knife at a screaming deal – thanks and good luck.