Marfione Custom Knife
"Socom Bravo Tanto"
4" CPM S35VN / CVD Coating
Hand Ground High Polish
Heat Colored Hardware
30k Layer Carbon Fiber
9" Overall Length
Original Box & Maxpedition Case

Summary: a custom Marfione Socom Bravo Tanto with hand ground high polished blade with CVD coating. 30k layer carbon fiber, heat colored hardware. A stunning knife in person, hard to capture in photos. Never used or carried, mint condition in original box.

Note: this exact knife originally sold for $1750... this is a steal!

12 photos for review -- as shown, the original box and Maxpedition carry case both included. I have many more custom Marfione knives for sale -- thanks and good luck.

From the original online listing:

"Tony has taken the best selling, 2012 BLADE knife of the year, SOCOM to the next level! The SOCOM Bravo is a feat of technical knife making. The frame is now constructed from titanium and the bolsters are integral to the frame. The carbon fiber scales are dovetailed under the bolsters. The SOCOM Bravo has a totally different feel than the "normal" SOCOM. All of the hardware (screws, pivot, backstrap, clip, etc has been bronze anodized. The blade is simply stunning (although was a real pain in the ass to photograph!). It starts with one of Tony's signature high polish tanto grinds. The blade is then given a Casidium CVD coating. This coating is extremely hard and durable and with its bronze look on the flats and "black mirror" look on the grinds, this is one of the coolest Microtechs in a long time! Our photos do not do it justice!"

"About CVD Coatings: CVD is Chemical Vapor Deposition and is a process by which a material is evaporated and then deposited (coated) onto a surface. Unlike many coatings that are thick and have high spots, PVD coatings can literally be laid on atoms thick and the coating is even. The Casidium coating is a proprietary mix of metals that gives the surface and extremely hard (as in greater than RhC 67) finish that is virtually corrosion proof. It is used most often in the aerospace and racing fields."