Summary: early, low numbered Busse Fusion Battle Mistress, serial #105. 10" satin finish blade, INFI steel. No introduction required for those in the know, if you're familiar with this model you'll probably buy the knife. Original edge, mint condition.

Knife is paired with original Busse-made sheath. Rare to find a Battle Mistress with a Busse sheath, most all of these knives were issued / sold 'knife only' without leather. Knife / sheath fit is snug, sheath condition is excellent+++ with nothing but light handling marks on both sides.

8 photos for review --- as shown, a new black canvas carry case and 550 paracord bracelet both included.

The #926 Fusion Battle Mistress is currently on eBay for $1250 WITH NO SHEATH! Check it out, take a look at that knife and then come back and buy mine!

The #967 Battle Mistress sold on eBay in October for $835... NO SHEATH! My knife is a bargain, grab it before someone else does. Thanks and good luck.