Over All Length: Approx. 13 3/4"
Blade Length: Approx. 8"
Thickness: Approx. .210"
Steel: INFI
Finish: Competition Finish
Bevel: Corrugated Bevel Tech (CBT)
Hardness: 58-60 Rc
Handles: Black G-10

New Unused Out of Production, Was available for a very limited time in 2018
This knife will carry a lifetime warranty from Busse Combat.

Nuclear Option Forsaken Steel Heart

The nuclear option Forsaken Steel Heart features a deep blade fuller along with a lightened handle which makes for a lighter and faster blade.
Both are offered in a coated and competition finish. The competition finish have light machining marks. The Nuclear Option also sports the Busse Custom Shop logo.

What is the Nano Fusion Handle?

Simply put, we took one of our most iconic large handles and saved the best parts (Overall shape, texturing, and length of grip range) and then modified the other parts to make it fit smaller blade profiles!!!!!

Of course, by "smaller blade profiles" you must remember that you are still in the land of Busse Combat, and that is the land of giants. . . So, "smaller blade profiles" are still coming in at the 6 - 8" range!!!
I handed the prototype handle around to the guys and girls in the shop and you could hear the tears of joy splashing against the tons of INFI shavings on the floor!!!. . . Yes, it is that nice!!!!