Summary: a vintage Corbet Sigman (RIP) stag hunter, I'm guessing 1970's. The knife is in extremely nice shape, the 4-3/8" mirror polished blade looks brand new. I looked over the knife quite closely while taking photos, the most you'll find are a few light handling marks on the guard. 9 out of 10 at worst, it's a fabulous old knife with his early C.R. SIGMAN blade stamp..

The leather pouch sheath is original and was obviously made for the knife. Fit is perfect, not many guys can make leather pouch sheaths like this anymore. Condition is excellent, just some handling marks, scuffs, etc. on both sides.

5 photos for review – as shown, a new black canvas carry case is included. Some say in old threads on the forums that Mr. Sigman was one of the all time greats. After owning a few of his knives in the past I can say for certain that there's some truth in that statement. His mirror polished blades are beautiful, apparently his knives hold and edge second to none. All great praise from hunters out there who actually use his knives, I can't imagine needing much more than this knife if out in the field. A "great knife for use or collection purposes" is an understatement, tuck this one away as it's sure to increase in value. Thanks and good luck.