Note: this is a long-bladed lightweight model G WSK / Tracker knife with sawteeth and Scout made by David Beck who designed and built the knife used in the 2003 Paramount Pictures film "The Hunted" starring Benicio Del Toro and Tommy Lee Jones.

Summary: this is a two knife Tracker & Scout set, both knives and sheath made by David Beck. Edges on both are perfect, razor sharp. This long-bladed model G WSK has teeth, typically comes with a sharpened clip so it's somewhat of a rare build in this regard.

Knife Spec's:

MODEL G WSK LIGHTWEIGHT: 3/16" x 7-1/2" blade, 12-3/8" Overall Length
SCOUT COMPANION: 1/8" x 4-1/4" blade, 8-1/2" Overall Length

Both knives have black micarta scales with two-piece Loveless bolts. The large model G has a tapered tang, the Scout does not. Neither of the two knives have been used, both with original blade edges. Both knives are brand new, a bit of Dave’s oil still on the blades so if you see anything in the photos... rest easy.

The right-side carry tandem / piggyback sheath was made by Dave. Both knives fit snugly in place, no jiggling or rattling around. The sheath is extremely well made and can be disassembled for separate carry, mint condition.

10 photos for review – as shown, a black canvas case for each knife and original paperwork all included. This is an awesome two knife WSK / Scout set that will last a lifetime, a great pair to buy for both personal use or collection purposes. Thanks and good luck.