Dave Beck "Parang" / Very Rare
12" 01 Hammer Marked 5160 Blade
Flat Saber Ground / Hand Polished Bevels
Bolivian Rosewood Handle
Custom Leather Sheath / Removable Frogg
New 19" Camo Maxpedition Carry Case
Warranty Packet / COA Included
OAL 17-3/4"

Summary: an unused, rare, very large "Kukri" made by Dave Beck. If the name doesn't ring a bell... this is the guy who made the original TRACKER knife that was in the 2003 movie "The Hunted" starring Tommy Lee Jones and Benicio Del Toro. Suffice to say, Dave makes one hell of a practical, functional knife.

This large, rather heavy Parang is stunning with the hammer marked flats and hand polished bevels. The feel is fabulous – comfortable in hand with exceptional chopping power as it was made from 1/4" stock. This custom Parang is unused with original edge, near mint condition with just a few very light wipe marks on the forged steel bolster.

The custom sheath with removable frogg is original to the knife and in mint condition. Knife / sheath fit is perfect, quality second to none.

9 photos for review – as shown, a new 19" Maxpedition carry case and product detail / warranty information packet all included. This is one hell of a chopper, I can't remember ever seeing another Dave Beck Parang. It will do some damage when you get down to business, you can tuck it away under your Christmas tree or use it to chop down your Christmas tree this year! Yet another very rare and impressive piece from Dave -- thanks and good luck.