Dave Beck "Kukri" / Serial #1
OAL 15-5/8"
10" 01 High Carbon Tool Steel Blade
(10-1/2" from tip to micarta scales)
Wet Hand Sanded Blade
Stamped "BECK" on Front / "1" on Reverse
Natural (tan) Micarta Scales w/ 2 Pc. Loveless Pins
Custom Black Leather Sheath / Removable Frogg
New 19" Camo Maxpedition Carry Case

Summary: an unused, rare, very large "Kukri" made by Dave Beck. If the name doesn't ring a bell... this is the guy who made the original TRACKER knife that was in the 2003 movie "The Hunted" starring Tommy Lee Jones and Benicio Del Toro. Suffice to say, Dave makes one hell of a practical, functional knife.

This is the serial #1 Kukri, gorgeous with the wet hand sanded blade and natural micarta scales. The feel of this large knife is fabulous – comfortable in hand with exceptional chopping power as it was made from 1/4" stock but with a tapering tang. This knife is unused with original edge, near mint condition with just a few very light wipe marks on the two-piece Loveless bolts. (read as: very, very light)

The custom black sheath with removable frogg is original to the knife and in mint condition. Knife / sheath fit is perfect, quality second to none.

12 photos for review – as shown, a new 19" Maxpedition carry case and product detail / warranty information packet all included. This large Kukri is all business – one hell of a knife to carry in the field or to have around the camp site should you need to drop a small tree. Great balance and it feels fantastic in hand, tuck it away so you've got something rare and collectible to open at Christmas. That is... if it'll fit under your tree! Yet another very rare and impressive piece from Dave -- thanks and good luck.