Summary: this is a one of a kind Scandi – Bushcrafter knife made by Dave Beck. The first of it's kind, over the top and in dead mint condition. More below from the maker:

1-Off Scandi – Bushcrafter

"5/32 x 4-3/4" differentially hardened / tempered 01 high carbon steel blade w/ modified Scandi – ground bevels. (honed w/ additional micro primary edge for more edge strength) 9-3/8" OAL. Internal tang, wet-sanded satin finish, stabilized stacked leather washer handle w/ colored spacers. German silver bolster & butt cap.

Right hand black molded leather modified FACS type sheath w/ removable belt loop dangler, wrap-around panel w/ integral belt loop, rear belt loop slots for "scout-carry", two lower lashing holes lined w/ brass grommets & fixed 3/8" x 1-1/2" ferro rod loop."

6 photos for review – as shown, a new black canvas carry case is included. This is probably the nicest non-WSK / Tracker knife I've seen come out of Dave's shop, a true one of a kind piece perfect for survival use or collection purposes. Don't miss out, Dave went the extra mile and then some on this one. Thanks and good luck.