Summary: first things first... what a great knife! Don's a California maker with a few dealers, they're ALL sold out of his knives. These survival hunters are very popular, especially ones like this with the heavy duty kydex sheath with integrated fire steel. Simply awesome, 99% of you will never need more knife than this.

Don made this knife with a 4" damascus blade and black micarta scales, the extended tang drilled and equipped with a lanyard. The knife made from 3/16" stock, overall length is 9-1/8". Flat grind, razor sharp... unused and in mint condition.

The sheath is quite well made, kydex lower with a leather belt loop. Integrated fire stick (used a time or two) on the back toe, really neat design. The sheath is in excellent or better condition, a couple of scratches touched up with a black Sharpie but other than that there's nothing to report.

8 photos for review – as shown, a new black canvas carry case is included. This is a totally cool, high quality build with a superb sheath, a great buy if you're looking for a knife to carry hiking or on survival outings. No disappointments with this one – thanks and good luck.