Summary: this is a custom integral made by UK maker Farid Mehr. I've had a bunch of Farid's knives for sale in the past, most notable his Lile First Blood Tribute knives. (which are outstanding!)

This one-piece knife is made from 1/8" stock (steel type unknown) and has a tapering tang, razor sharp and beautifully finished. The blade measures 4", overall length is a hair under 8-3/4". No signs of use with original edge, pretty as the day it was made and in mint condition.

The leather pouch sheath with belt loop is aftermarket, maker unknown. The sheath is well made and the knife / sheath fit is excellent, mint condition.

Bonus: multi-colored 550 paracord survival bracelet. Made in the USA, easy to use / wear / carry, and unraveled gives you just about 14 feet of lifesaving cord that will look great wrapped around your wrist until you need it.

7 photos for review – as shown, a new black canvas carry case is included. This is a great price on one of Farid's custom integrals, a great knife for both everyday carry and collection purposes. An extremely nice piece -- thanks and good luck.