Summary: impossible to find Independence Cutlery Bowie knife. I've read ICC was a company run / owned by Dennis Phillips (read it on the internet so it must be true!!), apparently he made some really neat and sought after knives before going AWOL. Two of them in the past 5 years on the AZCK, other than that I just can't find any that have sold.

This big Bowie has a 9" blade made from 1/4" stock, full tang construction and super sturdy. The guard and pommel are stainless steel, green canvas micarta slabs in between that are held in place with two-piece Loveless bolts. The more I look at this Bowie the more I appreciate the workmanship, it's a VERY well made knife. Blade with the original edge, overall excellent+++ condition with just a few light insertion marks up near the guard on the back side of the blade.

The original kydex sheath comes with the knife, also VERY well made. Double keeper strap handle retention system, rivets all around with a Tek-Lok clip on the back. You'll find a light scuff or two, easily excellent+++ or better.

9 photos for review – as shown, an old green canvas carry case is included. I read in an old BladeForum post that this guy's knives are highly regarded; if such is the case, then my $325 price tag should look pretty good to someone. It's made like a friggin' tank, reminds me of the early Robert Parrish Bowie knife. Thanks and good luck.