Jack Crain Knife
Predator Hunter Prototype 02
6-7/8" Blade
Thin Oval Guard
Camo Hollow Handle
Removable Camo Butt Cap
Original Sheath
Canvas Carry Case

>>> Predator Hunter Prototype 02… fuck yeah!
>>> Check out photo 12… double fuck yeah!!

As seen in the 1987 Arnold Schwarzenegger film "Predator"

This hand made Prototype was the stepping stone to the final knife of the Standard Version of the Predator Hunter ®, survival/combat knife carried by each member of Dutch's extraction team in the movie Predator.

This special Prototype was designed with the most recognizable camouflage patterns of its time. Even today many collectors are seeking out the older forest camouflage patterns because it reminds them of perhaps the Vietnam era or even the movies they enjoyed watching while growing up. However, do not be fooled because this knife blade design has stood the test of time has been copied time and time again. With one exception, in addition to the rare camouflage pattern on the handle this knife has a smooth handle with knurled butt cap that fits well in the hand and is a very practical knife for everyday duty use.

Blade Finish: All satin non-reflective with razor sharp clip. Bone saw on top, blade length is 6-7/8" with an overall length of 11-1/4". Stainless steel hollow handle with hand painted camo finish and camo hand painted knurled butt cap.

Condition: photos are very accurate, this knife has not been used and still has the original edges. Tucked away for years and years in the collection of the original owner, easily excellent+++ or better condition. A few light handling marks on the guard and one scuff on the collar, everything else is pretty much the way Jack made it. The sheath is original to the knife, never carried and stored properly.

11 photos attached... as shown, a new black canvas carry case is included. This is an opportunity to own a piece of history and possibly have one of the most rare of Jack's Predator Hunter creations... a Predator Hunter Prototype. I have a photocopy of an original invoice from Jack to the original purchaser that lists this particular knife as one of several he purchased 30 years ago. Right as rain, the real deal. Thanks for looking.