Summary: this is a custom Jim Hammond Cobra Gold, Military Version.... serial 5. This knife has a 6-1/8" blade (measured tip to micarta scales) and original top / bottom edges. The knife has a tapering tang and was made from 1/4" stock, overall length is a hair over 12-1/2". Previously owned and probably used a time or two as the very tip is blunted as shown in photo 11. I didn't even notice it until I was going through the photos, it's not noticeable until looking at it under magnification. That said, the knife could be sent back to Jim for re-tipping... it would be worth every penny as this is a one of a kind custom build.

The Hammond-made sheath came with the knife but has a different stamp than the one on the knife. Not sure why, Jim could probably answer that. There are stains and handling marks on both sides of the sheath, snap works and the stitching is tight.

12 photos for review – as shown, a black suede carry case is included. If you're a fan of Jim's Sealtacs and Flesheaters... this custom Cobra Gold Military should be right up your alley. Jim made this knife with an extra long 6-1/2" handle for the then editor of Field & Stream magazine (David Petzal), it's one of a kind and extremely rare. A great find and an awesome addition to any knife collection -- thanks and good luck.

Additional Information:

"The Cobra Gold® fixed blade combat knife was developed in 1986 with input from Air Force F-4 and F-16 fighter pilots, to fulfill a three-fold task for their combat needs: (1) Canopy knife. In the event of an emergency requiring impact fracture of the cockpit canopy, the Cobra Gold's steep sharpened clip and reinforced tip was designed to serve in that role. The underside of the handle is designed to fit securely in the palm in a hammer grip, enabling the pilot to extricate himself in this manner. (2) Combat/Fighting knife. When called upon to perform in this role, the Cobra Gold incorporates a battery of close-quarter combat design features. For example, the lower rear arc for the back two fingers serves to accentuate the tip speed in a thrust, and the serrations on the blade back add control in wrist trap maneuvers. It's sculpted handle with hand-cut serrations and dual guard tips provide a super secure grip under all conditions. (3) Survival knife. When "Escape & Evasion" enter the picture, the knife's role as a tool becomes paramount. Special Forces personnel have raved about its performance on game preparation in the field. It's compact size serves well too for food acquisition and preparation tasks in this role."

From the previous owner:

"This Jim Hammond Cobra Gold has a 6" blade made of 440 steel with green linen handles and made in 1986. It has an extra long handle ( 1.5" longer than usual) making the OAL 12 1/2".

This was made for Jim Hammond's friend David Petzal the editor of Field and Stream at that time. Comes in a Hammond-made belt sheath and has many years of life left in it."