Summary: this is a Jim Hammond Flesheater with 9" double-edged stainless blade and pinned black micarta scales. Original edges with a tapering tang and made from 1/4" stock, the overall length is right at 14-1/8". Previously owned and unused, easily near mint condition.

The custom kydex sheath is original to the knife with gear tabs on the back and velcro on the front. A couple of patches on the velcro, both are included. Condition is near mint, sheath does not appear to have been carried.

Bonus: multi-color 550 paracord survival bracelet. Made in the USA, easy to use / wear / carry, and unraveled gives you just about 14 feet of lifesaving cord that will look great wrapped around your wrist until you need it.

11 photos for review – as shown, a black canvas carry case is included. (RMK carry case with the Randall logo on reverse) If you're a fan of Jim's Sealtac's and Cobra Gold's... this badass fighter should be right up your alley. If you already know what you're looking at, then you know how difficult these Flesheater's are to find on the secondary market. Jim's knives rarely come up for sale, a knife like this is a great find and an awesome addition to any knife collection. Thanks and good luck.

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