Summary: this is a Jim Hammond SEALTAC, Military Version, serial #05. This knife has an 8.4" stainless steel blade, never resharpened with original top / bottom edges. The knife has a tapering tang and was made from 1/4" stock, overall length is 14". Hand filed micarta scales, brand new and unused but with some peppering on both sides of the blade. (see close up photos)

Two sheaths come with the knife. Both sheaths are original to the knife and delivered by Jim Hammond, the leather sheath with the ARAB, AL. stamp on the back. No carry wear, neither of these sheaths were ever on the original owners belt.

10 photos for review – as shown, a new black canvas carry case is included. If you're a fan of Jim's Cobra Gold and Flesheaters... this SEALTAC Military should be right up your alley. Jim's knives rarely come up for sale, this extremely low serial #05 is about as good as it gets. Not sure what caused the blade peppering or what can be done about it, as a result the knife / sheaths are being offered for less than the original owner paid the maker. Thanks and good luck.

Additional information from Jim's website:

SEALTAC® Military Version

Sea—Air—Land—Tactical. Before "Tactical" was even a faint blip on the horizon of the knife industry's radar screen, the Hammond SEALTAC® was paving the way with special warfare personnel worldwide. Developed in 1981 with U.S. Navy Special Warfare (SEAL) personnel, continuing input of key design factors was received, evaluated and implemented as necessary design criteria for what they themselves considered to be a definitive fighting knife—one suitable for many tasks but primarily prepared as the finest weapon they could have if called upon to serve as their last line of defense.

The Hammond SEALTAC® has earned the "combat seal of approval" as it enters its third decade of proven reliability with military personnel throughout the world, including the U.S. Navy SEALs, U.S. Navy Special Boat Units, U.S. Army Special Forces and Rangers, U.S. Marine Corps Force Recon, U.S. Air Force ParaRescuemen, British SAS, and a host of other units and undercover operatives around the globe.

"Hammond's work is pure no-nonsense combat common sense, period. A number of SEAL's I know own Jim's knives, and mine's been a delight to carry and use regardless of where I've taken it, or what it's been called upon to accomplish."
R.S., former SEAL/Selous Scout
Guns & Ammo "Combat Knives"

"Bells and Whistles" contribute absolutely nothing to the specialized makeup of the modern combat knife, and to the needs of its user. That's why you won't find them on any Hammond MV (military version) tactical/combat knife.

The SEALTAC® has a fully double-ground blade that is sharpened on both top and bottom. The point is raised ¼" above the centerline, breaking the line of the spine at the start of the clip on the top of the blade, and curving into the point. This accomplishes three things: equally distributing support between the two edges; greatly increasing the mass at the blade tip; and allowing maximum cutting efficiency of both edges to be maintained. Though the point is slightly raised, it still tracks superbly along the axis of the thrust—in other words, it goes where you want it to go. The wide ricasso area ahead of the guard adds strength at the most highly stressed portion of the blade. The blade retains its ¼" thickness for virtually its entire length along the spine. The tang of the blade handle is fully tapered to .050" thickness for optimum balance and weight reduction.

The micarta handle scales are contoured for maximum comfort and control with both a palm and pommel swell. Hand-filed vertical serrations on both sides of the handle are once again available as a custom option, and add significantly to grip purchase under extreme conditions. Three stainless steel lined 3/8" holes in the handle allow for added finger purchase and lashing capability as needed.

Dimensions and Details:

Overall length: 14"
Blade Length: 8.4"
Steel: .250" 440-C
Handle Material: Black linen micarta
Fittings: 304 stainless steel
Overall Finish: Micro-glass bead-blast
Sheaths: Leather & Kydex