Summary: this is a very low serial number Lile Next Generation First Blood Knife... #020! These original Next Gen First Blood knives were all made by Vince Ford – all sold out long ago. It was stored properly and comes with the original matching numbered sheath in the original box with Certificate of Authenticity. These knives originally sold for $3,500 – this is a great opportunity to pick up one of these first issue Next Generation First Blood's at a bargain basement price.

10 photos of the #052 knife for review (052 has been sold) – this #20 knife is exactly the same (except for the number!) and in dead mint condition. Again, everything is included (knife, sheath, box, COA) – serial number off the box and C.O.A. shown in the last photo. Thanks and good luck.

These original Next Generation FB's are no longer available on the Jimmy Lile website – original write up from their site as follows:

"Our NEW LILE FIRST BLOOD knives are similar in features to the first 13 knives that Jimmy made in 1981 and '82. The blade and screwdriver guard are made from 1/4" crucible CPM D2 steel. The hollow handle is machined from 303 stainless steel round stock. The butt cap is machined from 6061 aluminum round stock that houses a small quality precision liquid field compass. The butt cap seals with a watertight O-ring. The hollow handle is double wrapped with nylon decoy leader line. Our 100 Lile First Blood knives will differ slightly from the prototype - the difference being the grind which will begin at the last sawtooth. The Lile name is being added by Laser Engraving in the same style as the Original Lile First Blood Knives.

Numbering will be identical to the numbers on the original #'s 7 of 13 thru 13 of 13. All 100 First Blood knives we are offering will be done in the same numbering fashion: 1of 100 thru 100 of 100. All 100 of our Lile First Blood knives will include 14 sawteeth like Lile's intial First Blood knives.

Our New Lile First Blood Sheath will have a matching number and differ from the original designs done by Jim Buffaloe and Lile. It will be our design and will be unique to this new edition of Lile First Blood knives. We assure you that high quality will be maintained with our new Lile First Blood Sheath. It is our way of making a statement and separating the Original Lile First Bloods done by Jimmy Lile in the early 1980's from our New "Next Generation" Lile First Blood being done today. All of the 100 Lile First Blood Knives and Sheaths are being made in the U.S.A.".