Summary: this is a vintage Mad Dog Knives DSU2 with an almost fully serrated 6-3/4" Starrett 496-01 blade. No markings (sterile), not many were made this way and when they were it was for good reason. (think: behind enemy lines) The handle material is the proprietary glass / epoxy composite -- compression bonded to the hidden full tang and incredibly ergonomic. Overall length is 11-1/2". The knife has never been used and still has the original edge, serrations are razor sharp and perfect. There are a few light scratches on both sides from kydex sheath insertion, I’ve seen far worse. (if you plan on using this knife then they really won’t matter) This is way better than a "user" but would be an excellent knife to use on regular basis, the serrated blade makes this a very versatile and functional knife.

The ATAK sheath is original to the knife and is right-side carry. The sheath is in excellent condition, a bit of deterioration around the keeper strap snap that does not effect functionality.

7 photos for review – as shown, a new Mad Dog Knives carry case is included. This is the perfect knife for the guy who is looking for a serrated MD for field use – it’s a great knife left unmarked / sterile for a reason. No story to tell, but I bet this one’s been a few places in it’s life. Great knife, thanks and good luck.

Additional information about this model:

"The Mad Dog DSU 2 was originally commissioned by Lt. Commander Daniel Kerns (RIP) of the US Navy Deep Submergence Unit. The Navy DSU was in need of a knife that would be able to cut various sizes of extremely abrasive ropes like Spectra and Kevlar in quick fashion along with being able to handle extreme depths (12,000? +) without blowing apart. Mad Dog quickly answered this problem with a fully serrated variant of the hugely successful Mad Dog SEAL ATAK. The DSU and DSU 2 were designed and developed in early 1993 and approximately 200 of these older DSU 2 knives were made over the next couple of years. Most of the original DSU 2 knives were sold to the Navy DSU, commercial and sport divers along with other various specialized people. A DSU 2 knife was actually credited by Lt. Commander Daniel Kerns with saving a Naval support ship from sinking. Armed with his Mad Dog DSU 2, Lt. Commander Kerns cut loose an out of control piece of heavy equipment in class 5 seas held by a piece of Spectra in a single swipe. The DSU 2 is extremely effective for what it was designed for."