Summary: a couple of knives up for sale that I've had hanging around way too long. The Beck has been used, the NKN appears unused. Both are really sharp, with these two in your arsenal you won't need much else.

The NKN has a 3-1/2" blade with filework and a pinned wood handle. OAL is 8-1/4".

The Beck has a 2-1/2" blade (notched upper and lower) with a pinned micarta handle that's been scrimmed by someone named Allison. OAL is 6-3/8".

NKN sheath: black pouch sheath with tooling and snake skin insert. Great fit, never been carried.
Beck sheath: small brown pocked sheath, no retainer. Snug fit, exhibits carry and handling marks.

12 photos for review – I'll ship these in the sheaths and spare the carry cases. These are two knives that should be taken out and used, both are really cool looking and I've priced the pair to sell. Thanks and good luck.